Opening the Chakras with Essential Oils & Gems

Each chakra represents a vital aspect of our being with a potential waiting to be awakened and developed.  Opening the chakras refers to the process of expansion and purification that occurs at the emotional and energetic level.

It is recommended that we identify and fulfill the needs of the lower chakras before moving on to the higher chakras.  Focusing on the higher chakras before balancing the lower chakras has the negative effect of releasing spiritual energy without the grounding and stability needed to integrate this in the body/mind.

For chakra opening, ayurvedic practitioners often recommend the use of essential oils and gemstones, as well as regular asana practice and meditation.


             Chakra                      Element                      Emotion                             Color/Gem               Mantra                     Oils*


Muladhara  (Root) Earth Grounding, Stability, Safety Red: Ruby, Garnet, Red Coral LAM Cyperus, Jatamasi,Cedarwood Myrrh
Svadisthana  (Navel) Water Creation, Reproduction, Sensuality Orange: Amber, Topaz VAM Clary Sage, Orange, Dhavana, Cyperus
Manipura  (Solar Plexus) Fire Ego, Self-actualization Yellow: Golden Tiger Eye, Yellow Quartz RAM Sandalwood, Rose,

Rose Geranium, Floral Musk



Air Devotion, Heart Opening, Compassion Green: Emerald, Calcite, Malachite YAM Rose, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Bergamot


Ether Communication,

Self-expression, Inspiration

Blue: Turquoise, Lapis, Aquamarine HAM Blue Chamomile,

Cajaput, Eucalyptus

Cyperus, Ylang Ylang


(Third Eye)

Ether Intuition, Development of Inner Senses Indigo: azurite, moonstone OM Krishna Basil, Jasmine, Lavender,

Floral Musk



Ether Union with Universal Intelligence, Contemplation Violet: amethyst, clear quartz Frankincense, Myrrh, Lotus, Rose,

Oud Musk



* Recommended oils are used as a combination or alone- 30% essential oil with 70% base oil.