Essential Oils & Self Massage

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Self Massage
Healing Touch

Daily massage with essential oils seals and protects the skin, calms and tones the muscles and centers the mind.  The skin is a very elaborate defense mechanism that protects us from invading bacteria, viruses and loss of moisture.  Sebaceous glands deep in the skin secrete an acidic, oily mantle called sebum, which forms a protective layer.  This layer can be stripped off if you use ordinary soap, which is alkaline.  Essential oils replenish and support this protective layer. It is best to do self-massage in the morning after you shower or bathe.  Applying oils at night can also be helpful for insomnia or very dry skin.

Begin by brushing your skin with a sauna brush or dry loofa for 2-4 minutes.  This will remove all the dead skin and surface dirt.  Take your bath or shower. After you dry your body, begin by applying your oil blend to your left foot, ankle and leg.  Work the oil between the toes, around the foot and ankle, turning up and around the shins and calves, over and around the knee.  Apply enough oil so that the skin absorbs most of it, but leaves just a little on the surface.  By the time you finish your whole body, this excess will probably be absorbed also.

Work up and around your left thigh and buttocks.  Massage in a clockwise direction on your stomach and around your body to your lower back.  Your movements should be fluid, rhythmic and deep enough to stimulate the muscles.  Work the oil across your left chest, over and around the left breast, and up and over the left shoulder.  Follow the left arm down into the forearm and massage the hands and fingers.  Now move down the right arm, the right chest and shoulders, abdomen and lower back, right buttocks, thigh and finally the right leg and foot.  End your self-treatment with long strokes from your feet, up the body to the chest, crossing over and going down the opposite arms, ending with a vigorous shake of the fingers, as if flinging water off the fingertips.  This entire procedure should take 5-10 minutes.  The oil should absorb into the skin quickly, but if not, use a towel to remove the excess.