My New York Coronavirus Story

On Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 I travelled up to New York City to visit a friend and my daughter, a documentary assistant editor who was in between projects. Yes, in retrospect that was crazy- but at that time she wasn’t busy and there were only 36 known cases of coronavirus in the city- with most of the other cases north in New Rochelle.  I needed to bring her up some tools to boost her immunity plus I had non-refundable airline and Broadway tickets.  I was planning on returning home to Florida on Sunday March 15th, and I asked all doubters “what can happen in five days?”

It turned out that while I was there, the world changed.  When I first arrived, restaurants were busy and New Yorkers were bustling as if nothing unusual was happening.  Restaurants were full and streets were busy with mostly millennials.  At that time the virus was spreading unknown throughout the city, but not nearly enough testing was (and is) happening.

On Wednesday, March 11th, I walked around mid-town Manhattan like a tourist, visiting 30 Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Grand Central Station. On that evening after a lovely Italian dinner, came the news on TV that 200 people a day were dying in Italy and later Trump’s speech banning all travel from Europe- so yes, it seems that everything shifted on that night.

The next day, I left my friend and went to my daughter’s apartment in Brooklyn. During a quick lunch out with her and her boyfriend, I received a text that all of Broadway was cancelled- so no show for us!

For the remainder of my trip, except for grabbing take out and groceries, we stayed at her apartment. Thankfully, my daughter and boyfriend realized the need to stay home, only going out for essentials, before the mayor ordered this for all of New York City the following week.

On Friday, daughter told me that she wasn’t feeling well and she may be fighting off something. No fever but sniffles. Being the empath that I am, I began to feel the same way by Saturday. I always caught what she had- ever since she was a baby.  I brought with me my Immuni-Tea blend, Emergen-C and an old yet still potent bottle of Thieves from Young Living Essential Oils (I was a Young Living Distributor before starting Yoga Flow).   We shared these items and I left a supply with her before flying home on Sunday wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer and wipes.

Once I got home, I began a two week self-quarantine, and with the tools above, my bug never got past the “fighting off” stage- same with my daughter. We were never tested for the coronavirus, as we never had the symptoms that qualified us for testing- so I can’t tell you if this was a mild version.  All I know if that I was fighting off something for nearly two weeks and was successful.  It’s now March 28th and I feel good!  I’ll be happy to get the blood test for antibodies once this is available in my area.

During my quarantine I was running low on Thieves- which I was diffusing constantly.  Checking online, I saw a ½ ounce bottle of the undiluted blend for over $50.00- and I knew that I could do better for my customers!  I created and tested a blend using the thieves’ legend as a guide- and it works just as well! Please check out Avana!

Busy Grand Central Station on the day the world changed!