Citrus Oils for Depression and Other Uses!

The uplifting qualities of citrus essential oils can be very useful during these stressful times!  Used in a diffuser, these oils can lighten the mood in your home or office as well as adding holiday cheer to your environment. Citrus oils have many other uses as well:

Orange: Besides being a relaxant, this oil helps with digestion, stimulates healthy cell growth and is good for aging skin and dermatitis.  A few drops of Orange can be added to your bath or to a facial cream, massage blend or 1 drop in your tea.

Bergamot: Used sparingly on the skin and added to a base oil or lotion, this beautifully scented oil is great for many conditions- acne, eczema, wounds and varicose veins.  This oil is also helpful with fever and infections.  Use in a bath, massage oil or diffuser.

Lemon: Used as a stimulant and digestive aide, this oil can be added to your bath, massage oil and tea.  Also a perfect addition to natural cleaning products as it helps to fight viruses.

Lime: Lime disinfects cuts and infections- and fights viruses. It is used in blends for skin tightening, and internally, it has a diuretic effect on the tissues.

Tangerine: Tangerine’s soothing qualities help with nervousness and irritability-it is uplifting to the spirit!  It also boosts the immune system when added to your diffuser, massage oil or tea.